Auto Throttles


The auto throttle system is designed to provide smooth and precise engine target settings for airspeed control. The system delivers significant flight performance and safety advantages resulting in increased situational awareness, reduced crew workload, and greater passenger comfort.

ATS provides smooth speed management by managing the aircraft’s thrust levers, keeping the pilot constantly in the loop. The system enables precise management and control of speed and thrust during takeoff, climb, cruise, approach, maneuvering, descent, landing and go-around.

Flight crew transition to AutoPower® operation is intuitive. The system ingrates seamlessly with the Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) vertical modes while automatically capturing the selected speed or Mach number, and providing smooth, precise, and stable speed captures


  • Precise N1 and IAS/ Mach Speed Management
  • Reduced Crew Workload
    • Climb, Cruise, Descent, Approach, Maneuvering and Landing
    • Better Speed Control in Cruise to Minimize Fuel Burn
  • Automatic Thrust Lever adjustment compensate for Fuel Burn in cruise
  • Enhanced Flight Safety
  • Situational Awareness Improvement
  • Stabilized Approach and Landing
  • AOA – Referenced Minimum Speed Protection
  • Fuel Savings – Extended Range, Increased Passenger/Payload


  • AutoPower® Computer
  • Modified Throttle Quadrant Assembly
  • 2 Mode Status Displays (MSD)
  • ATS Control Panel Display (CPD
  • Required Time of Arrival (RTA) Speed Management
  • Increased resale value