Anti-Skid Braking System

Advent Anti-Skid Brakes

King Air B300 series

This new ABS solution provides you with reliable, effective anti-skid braking in a lightweight, low-cost, easily-installed system for your King Air. The system offers anti-skid braking without the need for power- boosted brakes, bulky and heavy hydraulic accumulators, and does not require modification to the existing landing gear or master cylinders.

ABS Benefits:

  • System Performance - Better directional control and reduced stopping distance on runways contaminated with debris, water, ice and snow.
  • Tire Protection - Eliminates flat-spotted and blown tires during aggressive stopping on dry or contaminated runways.
  • Tactile Feedback - During anti-skid operation, the brake pedal pushes back, annunciating its operation. This feature will aid the pilot in knowing the braking limits of the airplane.
  • Low-Speed Cut-out – The system will not operate, in anti-skid mode, when aircraft speed is below 10 knots.
  • Touchdown Protection – Wheel speed must spin up to at least 85% of aircraft speed before brakes will operate.
  • Convenience – The non-invasive, easy-to-install system requires minimal downtime, either as a standalone installation or during scheduled maintenance. Typically as few as 5 days, depending on the aircraft type.