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Mobile Service Units


Textron Aviation set the standard in the mobile service industry and now dispatches more than 60 mobile service units around the world. Our Mobile Service Units are equipped to respond to AOG, unscheduled and scheduled aircraft service. These vehicles are ready to perform limited inspections, engine, tire and brake service on your aircraft - all at your location. Save time, lower costs, and reduce flight cycles with our MSU program.

Air Response Services
Textron Aviation support aircraft are used to rush technicians and parts in response to AOG situations. Available 18 hours a day, 7 days a week including most holidays, with a five-hour reach.

  • Serviced hundreds of AOG situations throughout North America
  • Service/Parts deployment available for all Textron Aviation models

Service Engineers and Mechanics Textron Aviation deploys necessary personnel that bring expertise, diagnostic support and parts to your location to quickly return your aircraft to flight status.

  • The Power of 1Call

    Imagine landing in Iceland and discovering a hydraulic brake leak.

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  • Mobile service network keeps Houston business flying

    As a real estate developer, Stuart Fred crisscrosses the country in his Cessna® Citation® CJ4®, visiting his company’s luxury class, multi-family apartment projects spread across 10 states.

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  • Mobile Service Unit saves pilot’s schedule

    For South Carolina entrepreneur Marc Dulude, any lost time can lead to missed opportunities, lost deals and lost revenue.

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